Structural steel

STH Steel manufactures structural steel and CE marked steel structures in execution class EXC3 for medium and large construction companies. Thanks to our experience and certification, we can manufacture safe, load-bearing steel frames consisting of, for example, columns, beams and trusses, as well as complete load-bearing building structures.

We handle demanding projects with precision and safety
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Examples of products

  • Pillars
  • Trusses
  • Beams
  • Steel buildings

Customised solutions and design plans

We offer project planning and cooperate with the customer to find a suitable and cost-effective solution. Thanks to our close cooperation with other regional professional companies, we can offer high-precision surface-treated steel structures according to the customer’s needs. Most of the work is done in our factory, and the products are delivered to the client ready for assembly.

CE certified from raw material to final product

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Our manufacturing processes are certified and follow quality requirements from start to finish. Our comprehensive tracking system guarantees the following:
  • CE marking of the raw material and detailed documentation
  • Processing and assembly following international standards and requirements
  • A final product that meets the requirements of EN 1090-1 execution class EXC3

Our projects

Welding work for every level of difficulty

To us, steel is more than a material. It is an expression of our unyielding will and our creative ability to overcome obstacles. This approach guides us as we offer our steel solutions across country borders, installing them on high rooftops or deep down in the dark bedrock of the earth.

Wherever safe and professional steel structures are needed to sustain the needs of the industry and society, there you will find STH Steel.

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    Certified steel solutions for demanding projects

    STH Steel is the number one choice for durable and robust steel constructions. We have the certificates needed to offer high-quality products and safe execution.

    EN 1090-1, EXC3

    We have the knowledge and certificates to manufacture CE marked, load-bearing steel structures for the construction industry according to execution class EXC2 and EXC3.

    ISO 9001:2015

    The certificate ensures that STH Steel carries out quality controls to ensure that products, services, and customer service comply with established regulations and statutory requirements.

    ISO 3834-2

    STH Steel works according to extensive quality requirements for welding, in the factory and in the field, as defined in the certificate.