Factory plant – a framework of steel modules

Detailed information

  • Main contractor: Keyplants
  • Project classification requirements: EN 1090-1, EXC2 and ISO 9001

Building entire facilities out of prefabricated modules is a flexible and cost-effective way to create appropriate spaces for industry and healthcare, to name a few. STH Steel manufactures steel structures for modules, to be delivered globally. For example, we have delivered steel frames to a large factory in Scandinavia.

The factory will be one of the largest module plants ever built in Scandinavia. It is an extensive project requiring around 850 tonnes of steel, and well-developed procedures for handling large volumes and a strict schedule are crucial for success. STH Steel acts as a subcontractor and manufactures the frames for the modules, which are then completed by the customer and assembled on-site.

The frames are surface-treated before we send them off to the customer. The delivery is carried out by specialised transport, as the steel modules are often very wide. Factories built with modules are completed in phases, and the modular design means that the plant can be easily expanded later. The latter is one of the advantages of modular construction that many of our customers appreciate.

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