Steel constructions,
execution class EXC3

STH Steel produces steel constructions

Are you planning a sports center, arena or commercial space? STH Steel is a Finnish producer of steel constructions for EXC3 class projects. We are an EN 1090 certified company. Our professional staff ensures that the installation and production of our constructions is in accordance with the strict quality requirements of the certification.

We produce steel constructions and frameworks for

  • stadiums
  • arenas
  • commercial spaces
  • sports centers
  • industrial facilities.

We also produce modules for freight containers, steel stairs and other steel constructions.

Our company is certified in accordance to EN 1090 standards with execution class EXC3, meaning that we have the necessary knowledge and experience to execute even the most demanding projects. Our domestic and international customers receive high-quality steel constructions, which meet the requirements of the European market.


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    EXC3 class projects

    Our expertise is requested when, for example, a new sports center is being built. The structural foundation of the building requires the durability and quality that execution class EXC3 provides.

    We have delivered, among other projects, the steel framework for the sports center in Nokia. Our next sports-related project is the ice hall which is to be built in Tampere, for which we will produce and install the steel framework. Both projects require exceptional quality control in accordance to EN 1090 certificate, as well as the high-level technical knowledge associated with execution class EXC3.

    Knowledgeable, educated staff

    Long spans and heavy construction demand excellent planning and execution of projects, which is why we have hired the best engineers, welders, and other staff we could find.

    Our welding coordinators know how structure the work flow according to execution class EXC3. Both of our coordinators are IWS certified, while most of our welders have received IW schooling. Thus, the planning and production of our steel constructions is in very capable hands.

    EN 1090 certificate

    Our steel constructions meet the demands of the European standard EN 1090, which concern both the manufacturing process as well as technical properties of our constructions.

    The certificate enables us to mark our products with a CE marking. The CE marking is a guarantee that we have adhered to the standard throughout the entire manufacturing process.

    We want to supply our customers with the best possible end product. When working with other parties, we always make sure that the subcontractor adheres to the EN 1090 standards, as well as our own systems for quality control.

    Upcoming construction projects?

    We at STH Steel want to continue the production of demanding steel constructions in cooperation with the construction industry and our other customers.

    We carry out projects all over Finland: in the regions of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu, among others. We also serve international clients. Our head offices are located in Larsmo, Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland.

    Get in touch with our sales department if you are looking for a high-quality manufacturer of steel constructions. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

    Certified steel solutions for demanding projects

    STH Steel is the number one choice for durable and robust steel constructions. We have the certificates needed to offer high-quality products and safe execution.

    EN 1090-1, EXC3

    We have the knowledge and certificates to manufacture CE marked, load-bearing steel structures for the construction industry according to execution class EXC2 and EXC3.

    ISO 9001:2015

    The certificate ensures that STH Steel carries out quality controls to ensure that products, services, and customer service comply with established regulations and statutory requirements.

    ISO 3834-2

    STH Steel works according to extensive quality requirements for welding, in the factory and in the field, as defined in the certificate.