Helicopter pad – reaching new heights

Detailed information

  • Main contractor for the extension: Skanska Talonrakennus
  • Project classification requirements: EN 1090-1, EXC2 and EXC3
  • Other requirements imposed on the supplier: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 3834-2
  • STH Steel's management for manufacturing and assembly was also required to be FISE qualified. Individuals with FISE competence commit to high professional standards, honesty and operating according to good construction practice.

When the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District was about to start its major extension project at Oulu University Hospital, STH Steel delivered the necessary steel structures according to high classification requirements.

The order included steel structures for cooling and ventilation equipment but also a steel frame for a helipad. The construction of the helipad posed significant challenges as it was mounted 65 metres above the ground, and the steel frame weighed 125 tonnes. In addition, the helipad was larger than the roof on which it was mounted, further complicating the construction process.

Safety is key
This required complex technical solutions, a detailed assembly plan and a well-thought-out and comprehensive occupational safety plan. Due to the high height, scaffolding could not be used, and the entire assembly work was carried out from baskets hanging from cranes. "The assembly worried our customers, but thanks to our early focus on occupational safety, we were able to complete the project safely," says Sven Grankulla, CEO of STH Steel.

Quality-assured steel construction
The durability of the steel frame fulfills the certification requirements, which in turn guarantee the safety and functionality of the structure. The international standards also confirm delivery reliability, and that the product is correctly welded according to the requirements for dynamically loaded structures. The project also required standards for quality management systems – all to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and that the project execution fulfilled the necessary requirements.

We are proud that the work was executed to the customer's satisfaction within the deadline, met high quality requirements and was completed without any occupational injuries.

Sven Grankulla, CEO of STH Steel

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