Quality, safety and environment

Sustainability and values

Steel is a durable material with a long lifespan, enabling flexible and safe solutions. When STH Steel offers steelwork, we always base our approach on the company’s core values of quality, safety, and the environment.

We review our approach straight at the planning stage with the customer. Quality is ensured based on international standards and the project’s requirements. Safe project execution is provided through a detailed occupational safety plan, and material consumption is carefully planned to minimise waste. In this way, we can offer cost-effective, high-quality solutions that prioritise safety and respect the environment.

Our values:

  • We work towards an ethically sustainable business.
  • We comply with current legislation and quality standards.
  • We honour our agreements and timetables.
  • We communicate honestly and openly, even to our competitors.
  • We respect workers’ fundamental and contractual rights.
  • The plan for occupational safety is unconditionally followed.
  • Safe working methods are constantly improved.
  • We take care of our environment and consider environmental factors in our planning.


Quality from start to finish

Offering high-quality steel structures according to EN1090 execution class EXC3, is one of our main strengths. Our welders undergo continuous training and welding tests to develop their professional skills further and perform certified steelwork. In addition, the certification means that we can trace the material’s origin and guarantee the quality of the material and the welding work down to the smallest weld.

Quality is not just about the durability of the structure. At STH Steel, all project areas are carried out with a focus on the overall high-quality solution. For this reason, we have set up a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001, which ensures that everything from planning and sales to production and project execution is quality checked and delivers what we promise.

Our strengths:

  • Professional and dedicated staff
  • Quality assurance, partially automated production
  • Reliable project execution, from planning to installation
  • Quality certification according to international standards
  • In-house planning department
  • Supportive and engaging customer relations
  • Efficient and high-quality production


A safe workplace enables safe steel structures

Our staff’s safety and well-being are essential for us at STH Steel. We believe that people who feel good and enjoy their workplace are able to achieve their full potential and thus perform quality work. We want our employees and customers to feel that the work is carried out safely and that the final product fulfils all safety requirements.

Zero work-related injuries

We aim to avoid all work-related injuries, from the start of production in the hall to the assembly at the final destination. Therefore, in addition to our continuous staff training and professional examinations, we have regular occupational safety training, and close-call situation reviews to establish safe working methods.


One hundred per cent European steel

Most of the steel we use is ordered from SSAB in Finland. This means that around 70 per cent is Finnish steel, while the rest is ordered from other parts of Europe. We have minimised our waste thanks to customised raw material deliveries from SSAB, allowing us to reduce the environmental impact of transporting unnecessary waste. In addition, transport distances are kept shorter when using Finnish steel, which is another environmental benefit.

Working for a greener future

Our environmental policy ensures that we sort and reuse waste and consider our environmental impact at the project planning stage. Furthermore, through continuous staff training in waste management, we aim to promote appropriate use of natural resources and reduce the impact of waste on our environment. In the future, we will also prioritise renewable energy even more and increase the efficiency of energy use in our production halls.

Recycling and reuse

Steel is an outstanding material when it comes to recycling. At STH Steel, we recycle virtually all waste from the production process; only the steel dust on the floor is disposed of. We also use a large proportion of recycled steel in our production.

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    Certified steel solutions for demanding projects

    STH Steel is the number one choice for durable and robust steel constructions. We have the certificates needed to offer high-quality products and safe execution.

    EN 1090-1, EXC3

    We have the knowledge and certificates to manufacture CE marked, load-bearing steel structures for the construction industry according to execution class EXC2 and EXC3.

    ISO 9001:2015

    The certificate ensures that STH Steel carries out quality controls to ensure that products, services, and customer service comply with established regulations and statutory requirements.

    ISO 3834-2

    STH Steel works according to extensive quality requirements for welding, in the factory and in the field, as defined in the certificate.