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About STH Steel

Your safest and best choice

STH Steel is a Finnish, well-qualified company in the steel industry that delivers CE marked steel solutions of the highest quality. We specialise in welding advanced steel structures in execution class EXC3, and deliver safe steelwork with high precision for the construction and manufacturing industries.

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Customer satisfaction at the core

Our customer survey in 2022, showed that 86% of customers would recommend STH Steel’s services and products to others.

The customers’ responses confirm that STH Steel is a flexible supplier that keeps to the schedule. The clarity of communication from quotation to delivery was particularly appreciated.

World-class Finnish steel structures

The company was founded in 2008 and operates in Larsmo, Finland. Like STH Steel, the region is characterised by driven, innovative entrepreneurship that often reaches the world market. Today, STH is an international player in the steel industry, with its factory and headquarters on the west coast of Finland. We regularly deliver both small and large projects outside our national borders.

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  1. Skilled staff
  2. Effective communication
  3. Smooth cooperation
  4. Cost-effective solutions

Professionalism and honest communication

Over the years, STH Steel has experienced strong and stable growth thanks to our focus on an ethically sustainable, competitive, and profitable business model. Transparency combined with a skilled and experienced workforce has brought success to both our customers and us.

We often cooperate with local companies and various technical experts to offer complete steel solutions, such as welded and coated steel components and frames. We believe in close cooperation with subcontractors as well as customers. Our customer relationships are based on honest and open communication to achieve a safe and cost-effective solution.

The industry’s requirements
– vour opportunities

The industry’s high demands do not discourage us; on the contrary, we are more than happy to take on challenging projects. Our long experience in the industry has given us the professional confidence to take on what, at first glance, seems impossible. With our expertise and supportive customer relationships, we want to establish STH Steel as the number-one choice for those who need professional steel solutions.

Our projects

Welding work for every level of difficulty

To us, steel is more than a material. It is an expression of our unyielding will and our creative ability to overcome obstacles. This approach guides us as we offer our steel solutions across country borders, installing them on high rooftops or deep down in the dark bedrock of the earth.

Wherever safe and professional steel structures are needed to sustain the needs of the industry and society, there you will find STH Steel.

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Certified steel solutions for demanding projects

STH Steel is the number one choice for durable and robust steel constructions. We have the certificates needed to offer high-quality products and safe execution.

EN 1090-1

We have the knowledge and certificates to manufacture CE marked, load-bearing steel structures for the construction industry according to execution class EXC2 and EXC3.

ISO 9001:2015

The certificate ensures that STH Steel carries out quality controls to ensure that products, services, and customer service comply with established regulations and statutory requirements.

ISO 3834-2

STH Steel works according to extensive quality requirements for welding, in the factory and in the field, as defined in the certificate.